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Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Cream With Co-Q10 4.5oz

Gold Bond

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Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Cream With Co-Q10   4.5oz

Helps restore depleted, dull skin. Seven nourishing moisturizers are combined with the skin nurturing vitamins A, C and E, as well as CoQ10, the king of antioxidants. In addition, skin strengthening ceramides and lipids work hard to help restore your skin’s elasticity, vitality and healthy texture. Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring penetrates fast, is non-greasy and has a naturally fresh scent. 

Restores and prevents five visible signs of depleted skin:

  • Dry (moisture depleted) 
  • Dull (vitamin depleted) 
  • Premature Aging (antioxidant depleted) 
  • Inelastic (lipid depleted) 
  • Thin (lipid depleted) 

Ideal For: Hands, Arms, Legs, Chest and Neck. 

Key Ingredients:

CoQ10: Restores and protects skin from oxidative damage and signs of premature aging.

Ceramides: Strengthens the skin’s protective cutaneous layer, increases elasticity and improves skin’s ability to retain moisture.

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