Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF-50


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High-performance formula stays on strong even when you sweat.

Specially formulated for active adults, Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection that’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and stays on strong even when you sweat. Its light, breathable formula won't clog pores or cause breakouts and is formulated with moisturizers to help boost skin's hydration.

  • Broad-spectrum, photostable UVA and UVB protection
  • High-performance, durable formula with a light, breathable feeling on skin
  • Stays on strong when you sweat
  • Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes
  • Moisturizing formula boosts skin’s hydration
  • Helps refuel skin with antioxidants
  • Leaves no residue to affect your grip
  • Won’t cause breakouts or clog pores

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