Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Crème 0.99oz


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NadÍs Facial Hair Removal Cr?me 0.99oz

Specially formulated facial depilatory cream provides quick, painless hair removal at home.

Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Crème is formulated with almond and calendula oils to soften and soothe delicate facial areas while effectively removing unwanted hair in as little as four minutes. The special angle-tip applicator makes it easy to apply to small or awkward areas with a minimum of mess and fuss.

  • Ideal for face, chin and upper lip
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Formulated with skin-softening almond oil and soothing calendula oil
  • Dissolves hair just below skin surface for days of smooth, hair free skin
  • Ready to use
  • Easy precision application
  • Results in 4 minutes

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