O-Cel-O Large Sponge 2 Count


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O-Cel-O Large Sponge 2 Count

Perform multiple cleaning tasks around your home with the O-Cel-O Large Sponge.

It contains a patented antimicrobial that resists the retention of bacterial odors, killing odor-causing germs and bacteria in the sponge. In addition, it has stain-resistance and holds its shape for extended use. It's ideal for use on nearly any hard surface and can handle big and small chores. Use the blue cleaning sponge for the bath tub, sinks, countertops, appliances, on automobiles, dishes and much more

  • Patented antimicrobial helps the sponge resist bacterial odors
  • Ideal for washing woodwork, cars, boats and household cleaning tasks
  • O-Cel-O sponge resists stains and crumpling

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